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Details for anatomical structure: mucosa of gastric wall

EndoNet ID: ENC00041

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mucosa of gastric wall, mucosa of stomach, mucous membrane of stomach, Tunica mucosa gastricae

General information

Surface epithelium in the stomach that invaginates into the lamina propria, forming gastric pits; the gastric mucosa is made up of several different kinds of cells

Links to other resources

Cytomer cy0000803

Larger structures

  • stomach
  • parts_of_human_body
  • digestive_system


  • smooth_muscle_cell
  • cell:plasma_cell
  • oxyntic_cell_of_gastric_gland
  • lymphocyte
  • mast_cell
  • zymogenic_cell_of_gastric_gland
  • G_cell
  • macrophage
  • fibroblast

Secreted hormones

  • Hormone: TFF1

    • Strong expression found in normal gastric mucosa and in the regenerative tissues surrounding ulcerous lesions of gastrointestinal tract. [1]
  • Hormone: leptin

    • A low level of leptin may be produced in gastric epithelium, placenta and skeletal muscle. [2]
  • Hormone: resistin

  • Hormone: NPW30

  • Hormone: NPW23

  • Hormone: gastrin

  • Hormone: PAI-2

  • Hormone: Granulin-1


  • Receptor: H2

  • Receptor: calcitonin-receptor-like receptor