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Details for anatomical structure: eosinophil granulocyte

EndoNet ID: ENC00219

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eosinophil granulocyte, polymorphonuclear eosinophil leukocyte, eosinophilic leukocyte, Granulocytus acidophilieus (eosinophilicus)

General information

granulocytic leukocyte with a two-lobed nucleus; contains eosinophilic granules and lysosomal enzymes; is involved in the destruction of parasites, especially in worm infestation, and shows diurnal variation in number; only little phagocytic

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Cytomer cy0049461

Larger structures

  • circulatory_system__hematopoietic_system
  • nasal_mucosa
  • immune_system
  • blood
  • bone_marrow


    Secreted hormones

    • Hormone: ENA-78

    • Hormone: IL-3

    • Hormone: CCL28

    • Hormone: eotaxin

      • Human eotaxin is an 8,3-kDa, 74-amino-acid residue, nonglycosylated polypeptide secreted by endothelial cells, fibroblasts, macrophages, ciliated and nonciliated bronchial epithelial cells, smooth muscle cells, chondrocytes, and eosinophils. [1]
    • Hormone: PAF


    • Receptor: glucocorticoid receptor

    • Receptor: GR-beta

    • Receptor: IgE Fc receptor gamma-subunit

    • Receptor: H3

    • Receptor: H2

    • Receptor: histamine H4 receptor

    • Receptor: CSF2RB

    • Receptor: IL-5R

    • Receptor: IL-5Ralpha

    • Receptor: CCR3

    • Receptor: SIGLEC-7

    • Receptor: oxoeicosanoid receptor 1

    • Receptor: Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 1

    • Receptor: Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 2

    • Receptor: Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 3