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Details for anatomical structure: cardiac myocyte

EndoNet ID: ENC00259

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cardiac myocyte, cardiomyocyte, Myocytus cardiacus

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    Secreted hormones

    • Hormone: ADM

      • The expression of ADM by cardiac myocytes has been described in a number of species including man and was shown to be increased in cardiac failure and ischemic heart disease (Jougasaki et al. 1997, 2001). . [1]
    • Hormone: FGF-2

      • FGF-2 controls the differentiation of resident cardiac precursors into functional cardiomyocytes. [2]
    • Hormone: galectin-1

    • Hormone: laminin alpha-2 chain


    • Receptor: calcitonin-receptor-like receptor

    • Receptor: mineralcorticoid receptor

    • Receptor: angiotensin II type 1 receptor