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Details for anatomical structure: alveolar macrophage

EndoNet ID: ENC00460

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alveolar macrophage, dust cell, Macrophagocytus stabilis

General information

Phagocytic cell in the alveoli, pick up dust or blood pigments

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    Secreted hormones

    • Hormone: elafin


    • Receptor: calcitonin-receptor-like receptor

    • Receptor: TLR2


      • TNF-alpha
        • SP-A significantly reduced PGN-elicited tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) secretion by rat alveolar macrophages. The inhibitory effect on TNF-alpha secretion was dependent upon SP-A concentrations in physiological range. [1]
        • Direct interaction of SP-A with TLR2 alters PGN-induced cell signaling. [1]