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Details for messenger / hormone: dynorphin A

EndoNet ID: ENH00604

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  • dynorphin B-29
  • dynorphin B(1-13)
  • dynorphin B
  • Preprodynorphin
  • Beta-neoendorphin-dynorphin
  • Proenkephalin-B
  • dynorphin
  • dynorphin A
  • dyn A

General information

  • Opioid neuropeptide.
  • Dynorphin A (Dyn A), and dynorphin B (Dyn B) are endogenous opioid peptides that activate the kappa-opioid receptor (KOR). [1]
  • Dynorphin A inhibits NMDA receptors through a pH-dependent mechanism. [2]
  • Antagonist of melanocortin receptors; has non-opioid effects that include inflammation and aggravation of traumatic nerve injury. [3]


Hormone function

  • CNS function
    • pain
      • stress response

      Chemical classification

      • hormone
        • genome-encoded
          • natriuretic peptides



        UniProt P01213

        Links to other resources

        UniProt P01213
        Ensembl ENST00000217305
        KEGG hsa:5173
        • Anatomical structure: arcuate_nucleus_of_hypothalamus


        Celldelta opioid receptorKORMOR-1
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