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After loading a complete network or adding single components through the toolbox on the detail pages you can here process the network. This page is divided into three parts. The network can be reviewed, processed by a user defined processing pipeline and finally exported to different formats.

1) Network summary

In the table on the right side all nodes are listed that are currently in the network. On the left side the numbers of the network is given together with the options to reset the network and to expand all manually added components.

The network is empty
0 vertices
0 edges

Expand all manually added nodes:

The expansion depends on the type of the component that should be expanded. For a complete explanation please see the help page.

Delete all nodes and edges:

(1 of 1) pppp
NameTypeManually addedActions
No records found.
(1 of 1) pppp

2) Process the network

With a user defined pipeline the curent network can be processed. On the left side the available pipeline steps are listed. For a selected step from the list a short description is displayed with an optional help button for furthr information. A selected step can be added at the end of the user defined pipeline, which is displayed in the center.
After a pipeline step was added to the pipeline it can be selected and configured if the step has any configurable options.

Available steps
Signal flow converter
Small cluster filter
Immune system filter
Network statistics
Degree statistics

No records found.
Configure selected step

    3) Export the network

    After adding components to the network and optionally process the network with the pipeline above, the network can be exported.


    The dot file format can be used as input for the family of Graphviz programms like 'dot'.
    Export as dot file


    The XGMML file can be imported by Cytoscape.
    Export as XGMML file

    List of edges

    For further network analysis the graph represented as list of edges can be used full. The nodes are identified by the id of the node, prefixed by a letter indicating the node type.
    Export as edge list


    Please use the following file for further network analysis using Pajek.
    Export for Pajek