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Details for receptor: Smo

EndoNet ID: ENR00440

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  • Smo
  • smoothened homolog
  • SMO
  • Gx protein
  • SMOH

General information

  • G protein-coupled receptor that probably associates with the patched protein to transduce the hedgehog's proteins signal. [1]
  • The Ptc tumour suppressor functions normally as a transmembrane molecular transporter, which acts indirectly to inhibit Smo activity, possibly through changes in distribution or concentration of a small molecule. [2]

Links to other resources

UniProt Q99835
Ensembl ENST00000249373

Binding hormones

  • IHH
    • Indian hedgehog (Ihh) has two signaling receptors: patched (Ptc) and smoothened (Smo). [3]

Anatomical structures with this receptor