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Details for anatomical structure: gallbladder

EndoNet ID: ENC00040

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gallbladder, gall bladder, Vesica fellea

General information

Membranous muscular sac in which the bile is stored until required; it is shaped like a pear and lodged in a fossa on the undersurface of the liver in a hollow between the right lobe and the quadrate lobe; bile is used in the digestion and absorption of fats in the duodenum

Links to other resources

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Larger structures

  • parts_of_human_body
  • digestive_system


  • smooth_muscle_cell
  • cell:plasma_cell
  • mast_cell
  • macrophage
  • fibroblast

Secreted hormones

  • Hormone: Cystatin-C

  • Hormone: mucin-2


  • Receptor: CCK-1

    • The human CCKR1 is expressed at Protein level in the smooth muscle cells of the gallbladder. [1]

    Induced phenotype:

    • gastro-intestinal system smooth muscle contraction
      • In human gallbladder the CCK-induced contraction of the smooth muscle is mediate through the CCK1 receptor. [2]
      • In humans strong evidence suggests CCK1R activation is involved in the regulation of numerous physiological processes, including gallbladder contraction. [3]