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Details for anatomical structure: gonads

EndoNet ID: ENC00579

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gonads, , Gonaden

General information

Primary sex glands, the organs which produce sex cells, the testis and the ovary

Links to other resources

Cytomer cy0030465

Larger structures


    • cell:plasma_cell
    • Leydig_cell_of_testis
    • tertiary_follicle
    • ovary
    • testis
    • stromal_cell_
    • theca_cell
    • theca_lutein_cell
    • granulosa_cell
    • mast_cell
    • corpus_luteum
    • mesenchyme_cell
    • macrophage
    • fibroblast

    Secreted hormones


      • Receptor: melatonin 1 receptor

        Induced phenotype:

        • androgen production
          • Melatonin modulates androgen production at level of gonads. [1]
      • Receptor: steroidogenic factor 1

        • The presence of potential SF-l binding sites in the promoter regions of nonadrenal steroidogenic enzymes and the expression of SF-1 in ovary and testis suggested that SF-l might also contribute to steroidogenic enzyme gene expression in gonadal tissue [2]

        Induced phenotype:

        • steroidogenesis
          • SF-1 is a master regulator of steroidogenesis whose expression is critical for normal adrenal and gonadal organogenesis. Strict maintenance of SF-1 levels is essential, and mutations causing under- or overexpression result in congenital adrenal and gonadal defects or hyperplasia, respectively [3]