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Details for anatomical structure: red blood cell

EndoNet ID: ENC00342

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red blood cell, erythrocytenormocyte, normoerythrocyte, colored corpuscle, red blood corpuscle, Erythrocytus

General information

biconcave disc, containing no nucleus; transporting oxygen from lungs to tissue; contains haemoglobin; high membrane flexibility

Links to other resources

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Larger structures

  • circulatory_system__hematopoietic_system
  • parts_of_human_body
  • digestive_system
  • immune_system
  • blood
  • spleen
  • liver
  • bone_marrow


    Secreted hormones

    • Hormone: sphingosine 1-phosphate


    • Receptor: B-CAM

    • Receptor: Duffy

      • Duffy antigen is a transmembrane N-glycosylated protein present mainly on erythrocytes and endothelial cells. [1]

      Induced phenotype:

      • chemokine scavenger
        • DARC is an important regulator of inflammatory reactions, acting as a chemokine scavenger on the surface of red blood cells. [1]